Better Towpaths for Everyone - Grand Union Canal Quietway (Paddington to West Drayton)

Closed 30 Nov 2016

Opened 24 Oct 2016


London's towpaths are more popular and are being enjoyed by more people, more often than ever before. In 2015 there were more than 68 million visits to London's towpaths. To help meet this demand, Canal & River Trust is transforming over 16 miles of towpath between Paddington and West Drayton with work beginning at the end of 2016.

Supported by Transport for London’s Quietways programme, and building on previous improvements in Greenford and Southall, we will be providing:

  • better quality surfaces
  • wider paths
  • improved access points
  • new signs

This project will bring huge benefits to everyone visiting and enjoying West London canals. Some of the work (such as trimming hedges) has started in preparation for the improvements coming over the next two years.

For more infomation about towpath improvements please see the video below. There are some useful documents to read via the links at the bottom of this page. Please also do try and make it along to one of our events too!

The main part of this survey will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete, but if you have a little more time you can also comment on more specific project details if you wish to.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to know what you think of the plans and look at some of the specifics with you too. Some might think that a great towpath is ... well ... a great towpath, and whilst there's not a huge amount we can do differently when it comes to upgrading a towpath there are some small things you can suggest that will make all the difference. For example, you might know of a great place we could put in a new wheeling ramp or even a bench.

We'd also like to know if you'd like to get involved in your local canal area  – you might be part of a community group wanting to create a towpath garden, interested in adopting a stretch of towpath or up for volunteering as a Towpath Ranger for the Trust.

What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed. We will be reporting back shortly.

Thank you for your interest in the project and if you would like to get involved, please contact us on the email above.



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Days out / Family Fun
  • Excercise
  • Picnics
  • Sight seeing
  • Gongoozling
  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Paddleboarding